Your Energetic Reset - Day 1

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Over these 5-Days we will be clearing and removing what is blocking you from getting back on your path or even preventing you from starting on it.

To receive the benefits over these next five days, you can do as little as watch this video and/or just read this post.  And if you want to go further, faster on your path, you can easily add one or more of the small suggested steps.

So let’s go and start creating more of more of the life you would like together!

What we covered in Day 1

1-You are stronger and more capable than you might think.  We can see this in all the challenges you’ve been through.  I’ve found that any of life’s challenges actually were harder than they seemed they should be.  And if something is harder than you think it is and you move through it, doesn’t that mean you are stronger than you thought you were?  Yes it does. 😊 

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8- As energetically aware people, the energies, emotions and other things under the surface influence or even impact us.  Play the Recenter and Reclaim Audio to clear out these energies that are resisting or preventing you from being the strong and capable person you are and taking your next step.

As an energetic aware people, you not only have to take a step in the physical world, you have to also take energetic steps.  Often even before you can take a physical step.

If it feels like you cannot take that next step, that just means there is something else to release, clear or remove before you can take that step.  It never, it never, is any limitation you think you might have.  It is just that there is some energetic gunk to clear out first.

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We moved far and fast today, so if you have any questions on what I covered ask me.  Would you like more explanation on something I said?  Do you have a specific questions on what would be your next step?  Let me know under the video in our Facebook group, or reply to any of my emails.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Day 2 and what you are going to create over the next 4 days.



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