Releasing Holiday Emotions, Energies and Stresses

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These are the two energetic releasing and energetic change audios I mention near the end of the video

This Changes Now!   For emotional and energetic support at your fingertips when you need it.  Press play anytime you are feeling off, have and upset, or are around family   If you only have one energetic releasing audio this is the one to have.  It works in all situations and is similar to a private energetic session.

Being Kind and Caring to You    Helps you remember to be kind and caring to you.  We tend to judge ourselves harshly and not forgive our mistakes, when at the same time, if your friend did the very same thing, you would forgive her.  This is a gentle, healing and supporting audio.  It's my recommended one for when you have a lot of self-judgment, doubt, and regret.

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