Your Healing Superpowers – What You Need to Know

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In this six-part, web-course we will explore your unique healing capacities and give you the knowledge you need to use them. The knowledge that even most healing modalities don’t know, much less share with you. Beginner or Advanced, this course will accelerate your healing powers, while making it easy and even fun for you and your body to heal. We will remove the blocks, emotions, limiting beliefs and energetic forces that have been messing with your healing.

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It can be hard being an Energetic Healer.

Many even powerful healers don’t know all their abilities and might even be healing people subconsciously.  Now this is a great capacity, but when you heal people without consciously healing, it can really drain your energy.

Have you ever felt super drained after being around certain people?  I know I have.  One reason might be, is that you were subconsciously healing them, or even that they were subconsciously demanding that you heal them.

This is just one of the topics we will cover and change in this course.  So you have more control with your abilities.  So you can use them easily and with draining your energy or having any discomforts that previously just came along with energy healing.

You can watch the first class in this course for free here.

Six webinars where we cover

Accessing Your Powers

Discovering Your Unique Abilities (that no one else has)

Removing oaths and vows that you have to heal – change it so you have choice when or even if you use your powers

How not to heal too much (and how to know if you did)

and much much more.

This is a core healing class and will give you all the basics if you are just starting out.  If you are an experienced healer you’ll receive new information and clearings that will increase your current healing powers while making it easier at the same time.

Any questions on if this course is right for you, email or Facebook messenger me.



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6 reviews for Your Healing Superpowers – What You Need to Know

  1. Christine Andrews (verified owner)

    Max helped me have a clearer understanding of my healing capacities and how to maneuver them in the world for my advantage. It’s made an amazing beneficial difference in my life. Thank you, Max

  2. Marilyn (verified owner)

    The ‘Your Healing Superpowers’ course was a blast!
    It was fantastic to be there live in the calls and I feel it will be fantastic to be part of the group in the years to come, listening to the recordings!

    The course is so much fun and there is so much depth and profound healing in all classes.
    I learned so much and I cleared blocks on many, many levels. I healed.

    And not only do I dare to call me and (and even calling my body) a healer again, for the first time I feel proud of it too!
    “We all have wounds and I think everybody on the planet can do with some kind of healing,” Max taught us, and after that statement everything fell in place for me.

    I now get how my body works as a healer, how to pay attention and how to form a team together.
    I learned that’s why after doing a healing session for someone I can feel completely euphoric and energized or the total opposite: So exhausted and depleted that I think, never again! Now that I learned what to do and what best not to do, I have a choice again.

    I learned what sorts of healing work I love to do and where my superpowers lie and where I best just say no, and refer to a colleague.

    Max does not hold back. He gave his all to this course. Max is willing to go everywhere, discover, unravel, unblock and clear anything he comes across. All questions are welcome. He brings insuperable obstacles back to bite-sized chunks and teaches practical tools we can use every day, in our own here and now.

    I feel so much freedom now around being a healer and I am ready to finally team up with my body to do on this planet what we came here to do.

  3. Shilpa Shah (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to join the class at first as I felt that I did not have time to take one more class. However, I am glad I chose to participate in it. It has helped me answer some of the questions I had about being a healer. With Max’s help, I cleared a lot of judgments about my healing abilities. I do not question it anymore and I accept that I am a healer with my own special capacities. Max has a way of explaining and clearing out the doubts I had. I feel that this class will help a lot of healers and others who have capacities to heal. I would highly recommend taking this class if you are doubting yourself or have questions about you being a healer.

  4. Laila (verified owner)

    This class is not just for those working as healers. It’s also for people like me, who have healing capacities but desire to pursue other work. That it is a gift I can just be while I live my life and do whatever work I love to do.
    Max is a wonderful facilitator. He has a way of gently reframing things to help you be more empowered with any challenges that come up.

  5. Marguerite VanderSloot (verified owner)

    Max is a pro! I have been utilizing the replays and today, I realized and acknowledged the amazing changes in my life since the start of this course. When I went to the dentist yesterday,  everyone noticed how calm I was, I even noticed! No TMG from the drive in. And after an hour appointment: No TMJ! When I started the course, I was waking up a couple times a night, and getting back to sleep easily after using Max’s tools. Now, and I mean every  night now, I do not even wake up in the night. An added benefit has been that I have not been requiring a nap during the day. I am thrilled to have taken this course with Max, it has changed my life!

  6. TK (verified owner)

    This course is a must have for energy workers who are still carrying a lot of should’s and shouldn’ts and dos and donts. Max has a powerful clearing style and he is excellent at helping re-frame questions to the place where you have the most possible freedom of choice! I loved it!

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