Claiming More of You – Reclaiming Fractures and Alters


Fractures and Alters are parts of you that broke off, often from traumatic or challenging experiences. Until they are re-integrated they can cause many symptoms. Making it feel like you have regressed on your empowerment journey. In this re-integration process, you will reclaim these fractures. For additional support click the down arrow to add a private session with me for under half the regular price. (Must be used within 30 days of purchase)

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There have been lots of energies up.  Many hidden beneath the surface.

Having to isolate and not having full choice due to safety issues plus government regulations, may have activated old emotions and wounds that never completely healed.

It’s been hard for a lot of people, me included.

Many of my recent private session, fractures and alters have been surfacing ready to be re-integrated. So, I know this might be happening for you too.

In this unique energetic experience, you will reclaim these missing pieces of you. In the Reclaim your fractures and Alters class, we will reintegrate parts of you that might have broken off from traumatic events or experiences.

Other modalities might call this a soul retrieval.

Fractures and alters can also come up when you’ve done a lot of growth work.  Until they are re-integrated they can prevent you from taking your next step on your journey.  Even making you feel like you have (temporarily) regressed years in your growth work.

Just a few Fracture symptoms:

  • You don’t feel like yourself.
  • You have odd old memories or emotions.
  • You get triggered easily.
  • You feel helpless, discouraged, irritable.
  • Clearing doesn’t seem to work.
  • You feel like you moved backward.

The Reclaiming Your Fractures Process has never been available outside one of my full courses before, but since so many people are being impacted by this, I’m offering it as a standalone class.

Since we are in a difficult time now, and many of you need this, I’m offering this class $50 off my regular price, for the discounted price of $79.

Add a 30-minute or 60-minute personal session with me for less than 1/2 regular price.

If you have any question on this process, the class or if fractures might be up in your reality, please email me.


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Add a 30 minute Session

Class $79, Add a 30 min Session for $50 more only $127, Add a full 60 min Session for $100 more only $179

Add a 60 minute Session

Class $79, Add a 30 min Session for $50 more only $127, Add a full 60 min Session for $100 more only $179


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