Being Kind and Caring to You MP3 - Stop Beating Yourself Up :-)

Being Kind and Caring to You – Energetic Audio Recording v2.0


This releasing audio removes the blocks and limits for you to be kind to you. So you can give yourself the kindness and support you deserve. It has a very gentle way of releasing, which is supportive and nurturing.

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Most of us are kind to other people but at the same time, we don’t give ourselves that same kindness.

Inner critical voices can keep pointing out your limitations, never giving you a break. Constantly hearing repeating negatives and narratives can make it so hard for you to feel even slightly good about yourself. You might even be continually beating yourself up over what these voices say.

You deserve kindness and caring. You deserve kindness and caring, You deserve kindness and caring. What if you could give yourself the kindness and caring you so deserve?

This clearing audio removes the blocks, limits, and voices that are keeping you from being kind to you. It helps stop the “beating yourself up” for every little thing.

It is also is done with an even more gentle way of energetically releasing than in my other audios. It is useful for when you or people you know are having a really hard time and just need support. When even normal energetic clearings can seem too much.

You can listen to a two-minute sample below.

It is a very relaxing and peaceful audio. Inviting you to rest, to take a break from your constant struggle. A break from even the voices and thoughts in your head that are always pushing you.

Your purchase also includes any updates I make to this audio for one year.

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic releasing audios click here.


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