Moving Beyond Abuse and Trauma

Moving Beyond Abuse and Trauma8 Modules to Energetically Release Emotions and Stored Body Memories from Abuse It is Time to Feel Better  How this Course is Different: You will release and remove stored emotions and hurts Each class is designed to be complete – We “clean up” any energies or emotions that come up during that class You will feel better after each class 🙂 Works even if previous attempts haven’t Forgiveness is NOT necessary! (You can forgive, but it is not required in any way for you to move beyond your abuse.  Led by Energetic Awareness Coach and Energy Healer  Max Riggs Click Here to Personalize Your HealingSub Text Click for Course OptionsSub Text So many people have been impacted by abuse.  It is Time to Change!This is a supportive, nurturing program, taught … Continue reading Moving Beyond Abuse and Trauma