Moving Beyond Abuse and Trauma

8 Modules to Energetically Release Emotions and Stored Body Memories from Abuse

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It is Time to Feel Better

  How this Course is Different:

You will release and remove stored emotions and hurts
Each class is designed to be complete - We "clean up" any energies or emotions that come up during that class
You will feel better after each class 🙂
Works even if previous attempts haven't
Forgiveness is NOT necessary! (You can forgive, but it is not required in any way for you to move beyond your abuse. 

Max Riggs - For Your Dynamic Change

Led by Energetic Awareness Coach and Energy Healer  Max Riggs

So many people have been impacted by abuse.  It is Time to Change!

This is a supportive, nurturing program, taught with a kindness that you might never have experienced.

Remove Stuck Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Using energetic tools is often the only way to really remove the emotions, hurt, pain and beliefs you might have about you, as a result of abuse.

We will do this in a gently and nurturing approach that also goes to the deepest levels so it is very powerful, yet always in a supportive way.

We only go at the level and speed that works for you.  Never too fast  - and not slow either.

You are Stronger than You Think You Are!

You are a very powerful person!  Though abuse can make it seem like you aren't. But I know you are strong.

Because every person I've worked with has always been stronger than they at first thought they were.

When we remove limiting beliefs that were created from dis-empowering experiences, you can again access your strengths, capacities, and magic.

You Will Be Supported during Your Healing Journey

Surviving abuse can leave you feeling alone, isolated and that you are the only person with these struggles.  You are not alone and you can move through this.

You will have the support you need to easily move through this program.  We tap into and receive the energetic support of everyone currently in and everyone who has completed this program.  

You will find that many of the issues and challenges that seem just yours are actually common in abuse survivors.

Your Healing Journey is Unique to You.

This course will speed your healing no matter where you are on your path.
Just starting out or if you have almost completed it.  You will be supported so
you can more quickly become the person you would like to be.

We will build upon any previous healing or therapy you've already completed.

Woman with open arms on beach

     The Philosophies Used in this Course

You are amazing and powerful (Even though sometimes it might not feel like it.)
You move at Your pace, with tools to support you on your journey.
There are no "steps" you have to do first.
Forgiveness is NOT required. You can forgive, but it isn't necessary.
You can change more with this kind and gentle approach than in other programs.
After each class  you will feel lighter and more peaceful.

In the past we all were told things that instead of helping us heal, slowed or even prevented our healing. How much of what you previously were told, instead of empowering you actually dis-empowered you?  

We will change any limiting beliefs you were told and remove anything else that is preventing you from rapidly completing your healing process.

Is it Time for You to Soar?

     This is a Safe and Nurturing Space

We will create a safe, nurturing space and by using energetic tools pull the stored energies and emotions around trauma out of your being and out of your body.  All of this in a powerful yet gentle, caring and kind way.  This course is taught with a kindness and caring that you might never have experienced.

You've most like done a lot of personal growth on this or other challenges with other teachers and healers, but probably haven't received the peace you've hoped for.

In this program you will build upon the work you previously completed and you will move further than you able to in any other program.

Eight+ Modules

Packed full of new information, clearings, receivings, healing and energetic change.

Class One

Creating the safe space where is it OK to release as much or as little as is right for you.
Removing limiting beliefs about abuse that might not even be your beliefs.
What nurturing, support, or anything else do you require on your healing journey?

Class Two

Special tools to remove residual energies, emotions, or discomfort in you or your body.
Breaking the cycle of abuse.
Removing Karma that maybe being used against you.  Hint you might not have done anything "bad" in a past life.
Removing limitations and beliefs inserted by precious modalities, therapists, and healers.

Class Three

Removing abuse you received from people who were "trying" to help you.
Receive energetic nurturing and support from the Universe and your spirit helpers.
Bonus: Downloadable audio so you can receive this extra support at any time.

Class Four

Removing the Abuse Paradigm.
Removing oaths, vows, contracts, and lineage agreements that keep you locking in and suffering.
Accessing your magic.  Your own style of magic and healing is stronger than anyone else's
What cleansing do you require to be "pure" again?

Class Five

Using you healing energy for you. Most people have agreements that they have to heal other people first - before they can use their healing for themselves.
Cleanse you body and being from energetic and emotional wounds.
Clear the blocks that keep you and your body separate.
Removing past life legal agreements and contracts.

Class Six

Being a woman is amazing!  Removing the societal beliefs that keep women being undervalued. 
Separate video for men feeling like less of a man because of abuse.
What PTSD is really trying to tell you.
Change your PTSD responses.
Changing emotions, reactions and body sensations that seem to always be too much or too little.

Class Seven

Forgiving yourself.
Your body's three responses to danger.  Freeze, Flight, or Fight.
Changing your default response so you can use the other two when it would be a contribution to.
Clearing and changing the beliefs that you created everything in your life (you didn't)

Class Eight

Bringing it all together.
Using what you have learned to complete your healing journey.
Guided journey to visit your own sacred healing space.  It's only for you. It's special just for you.
This space cleanses and purifies everything required to complete your healing process.

Class Nine - Bonus Call

Body issues, including health challenges related to abuse.
Removing negative body image beliefs.
Removing excess weight and fat which could have been a "protection" from abuse.
Using new beliefs and new tools so you can release excess weight.

Future Updates to this Course

As I discover new information and to address new questions, you will receive any updates or additional webinars as part of your purchase.  

Only $497 for this Powerful Program

For Extra Support at Any Time

Two powerful energetic clearing audios that are like a personal one-on-one energetic change session.

My most powerful clearing audios included - an $85.00 value.

This Changes Now! v4.0

Designed for your toughest days
When you need emotional or energetic support
Helps to change any emotion or energetic upsets
Clears excess emotions and energies in and around you
Changes chaotic energies (in crowds, offices, schools, around family) so you can more easily be in those situations
Makes it easier to be around difficult people

Power Up and Energetic Refresh v4.0

Step into more of your authentic strength
Play it in the morning or on the way to work to start off your day in a powerful way.
Recharge or access more of your power when you need it
Reminds you that you have the strength to do this!
Removes mind fog, excess, emotions, and non-contributive energies

These Energetic Audios Remove and Clear What Previously Could Only Be Changed in Personal Sessions.  

You Always Have My Support

8 weeks of email support
One 15 minute when you need it call
One 60 minute Full On Private Session with Max

Have any question on if this course is right for you? Just Click here to email, I'm happy to help

Would You Like More Personalized Support?

Work one-on-one with Max further speed your healing

Add One or Two Dynamic Change Sessions

Receive Even More Support by Adding Private Sessions

The Moving Beyond Abuse Course comes with Built-in Support

We will cover a lot in this course, more than in many even yearlong programs. You will get to deep levels and remove layers of hurt and trauma that so many of you have experienced.

Everyone receives 8-weeks of email support, plus a 15-minute when you need it call and your private 60-minute private session.

Would Having 3 or 6 Private Sessions Aid in Your Healing Journey?

We cover a lot in each call and get to levels that you wouldn't expect outside of one-on-one work.  Though by adding private sessions, you can go deeper in places and areas that are unique to you and your experiences. Your sessions can be on any topic from abuse to any area you would like clarity or change around.

These sessions are offered at a HUGE discount!  Under 1/2 my regular rates.  Because it is time to change the impact of abuse and I'm here to support you.

Use Your Session When You Want To

If you have just the one included session, I recommend waiting until you have completed at least the third class before scheduling.

If you purchase a package with more sessions, you can schedule your first session at anytime.

Which Moving Beyond Abuse Package Would You Like?

Moving Beyond Abuse Course


8+ Course Modules
Plus the Bonuses
60 minute Private Session
15 minute when you need it call
8 weeks of email support 
Lifetime Access


Moving Beyond Abuse with Three Personal Sessions


The Full Course
Plus All Bonuses
Add 2 - 60 Minute Private Sessions
(for a total of 3)
15 minute support call
8 weeks of email support
Lifetime Access

Moving Beyond Abuse with Six Personal Sessions


Everything in the Course
Plus All the Bonuses
Personalized Support Including
5 Additional 60 Minutes Customized Sessions (for a total of 6)
Priority email support
15 minute urgent support call
8 weeks of email support
Lifetime Access

That's the rating I've received from all my previous class participants and the level of service I will provide for you.

Have any question on if this course is right for you? Just Click here to email, I'm happy to help


This course was a life saver for me. 

After a devastating breakup, the first free video was the only thing that helped me feel better. 

The course itself brought about powerful change in a way that felt safe and nurturing. 

I really appreciated how quickly Max answered all my emails questions with truly helpful information and was even willing to jump on the phone to support me when I was having an especially hard time.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone that has suffered any kind of abuse or traumatic experience!

Lorrie S

This Course took on a life of it’s own, It was so dynamic, it didn’t want to stop. I am grateful for Max's willingness to continue with the flow of the consciousness creative energies that this course demanded. 

I personally got so much out of it. Old memories and energies surfaced, the healing space was available to simply let it all go. And I did. 

I will continue to use the tools and listen to the calls. A worthwhile investment in myself,my body, my life’s adventure. 

Thank you Max your commitment and your friendship!


I took this course and I feel that I made a wonderful choice. This course has created a lot of change and moved energies that I had been holding on to without being aware of it. We created a lot of change during the course too and I know this will continue as I listen to it again. 

Max is an amazing facilitator. He is very aware and can tune in to energies that are hiding or not on the surface. He held the space for all of us to release and change what we desired to and what was a contribution to our bodies and beings. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has gone through any abuse and trauma.


 I truly have no words to fully express my gratitude and amazement with these calls.

In many ways, I have cleared, shifted and healed in ways I didn’t even know I needed to or would benefit me. I am open to receiving the healing for the next layer…whatever that may be. 

I am experiencing so much ease, peace and an increased sense of awareness thanks to all your expertise!


INSPIRING and NURTURING and  surprisingly expansive!

I loved the waterfall exercise for receiving Universal nurturing energy.

YOUR KINDNESS! and the magic healing wands!

I now have more tools to deal with what comes up in my life and I'm being kinder to me and my body.


Max's courses are amazing, surprising and always go to levels I never expect.

I've resisted other classes around abuse because they seemed to always require that I "forgive" my abusers. And I'm not sure I can do that (yet). I was told I will remain a victim and stuck in pain as long as I can't fully forgive, and I am so appreciate that with Max I can heal without being told I have to forgive first. 

Now that the whole forgiveness thing is not an issue anymore, I feel there finally is room for deep healing. 

It's made such a difference in my life.  Thank you, Max

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