Energetic Quick Start - Boost Your Capacities

A Quick Dive into Powerful Tools to help you unlock anything in the way of creating the life you would like

You already have huge energetic CAPABILITIES that you may not be aware of.

Learn new and powerful tools to EASILY OPTIMIZE your energetic awareness and capacities to create the Life you would Like!

Learn critical tools and techniques to remove energetic resistance and enhance your natural capacities so they work for you to have and create what you desire in life.

Contains Brand New Information and an Easy to Use Framework that Automatically Makes Life Easier and More Fun!

There Is Still Time to Join and Participate Live in the Next Class

All the Energetic Information and Tools You Need to Succeed

in Having and Creating the Life You Would Like!

Simple Way to See, Understand, and Interact in this Energetic and Physical World
Enhance your natural capacities so they work for you to more readily have and create what you desire.
Easily shift any disempowering language you might be using
How to easily increase or decrease your awareness to perceive more when you need to and less when it feels like too much
Simple energetic tools to unlock situations feeling impossible or hopeless
What to do when you are unsure about a choice you need to make
How to remove fear, doubt, or uncertainty
Easy exercise to access universal energy, knowledge and awareness
Access your contributive creating space (most people are in an energetic space that makes it impossible to create a better life)
Know the energetic tools or clearings you need to change or shift any situation
How to always receive awareness, knowledge and supportive energy from the Universe and your infinite being
Energetic Cheat Sheet so You will know what to do in any situation or challenge

Energetic Change Field

Live or on the replays, I hold the intention to include all current and future participants of the class. So, you'll receive the benefit of the energetic change we create, whether you are live or watching the replay.  

 This creates huge positive change for you by just playing the video and (seemingly) not having to do anything. 

Your Questions Answered

Information and awareness is shared in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply.  

Ask your questions via email anytime.  If you have a question after class, or from watching the replay, just email me. 

Your Community

Join in a community of people like you. 

Being Energetically Aware can be and feel isolating, like you are the only one that feels this way.

In this group we grow our connection together and empower ourselves and others.

What is in the Class?

Built into this Class

You are always stronger than any energetic forces in your life!  Though it can feel like you aren't. Access and see more of your authentic strength throughout the course.
Tools to use in any situation
Tools to use so you can remove external influences on your own
How to untangle and remove blocks or limits to easily move through any challenge
The simple steps to take when energetic resistance seems to slow or stop you
Videos, audios, and summary notes. Watch or review on your schedule with your lifetime access

Remove Society's False Limitations Placed on You

Much of what you were told about life and this world can really disempower you
Society has been designed to make it seem like your capacities are instead weaknesses
Remove the half truths and outright lies that society told and continues to tells you 
See, appreciate, and use your energetic powers for what they are.  Gifts!

Your Safe, Supportive, Space

You will always be supported - no matter what!
Email me any of your questions.  I probably had similar questions when I first started this work, or I've had clients with them.  No matter what your question, I'll answer them in a caring and supportive way.
The energetic field we create naturally and automatically creates positive change
Negative beliefs and past hurts can just melt away in class or through any of the videos or audios.

This course is a quick dive into the most powerful and transformative energetic tools you need.

Energetic tools and descriptions of what is actually going on in the world (physical and energetic) not found anywhere else 

Over a $297 Value 

2 - Recorded energetic release, change and awareness videos you can watch them at any time)
Class transcripts with summaries
Awareness and Energetic Question Sheet to Use for Any Challenge or Situation
Email support as you go through the classes

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Energetic Quick Start - Boost Your Capacities

Remove what's in your way of creating your best life!
A $297 value for only $97.00

Energetic Quick Start

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The most powerful energetic release and change audio available anywhere!

Use for energetic support anytime you need it!  Remove excess energies, upsets, and even energetic forces.

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Reclaim your strength and capacities by understanding and removing non-contributive entities and energies 

2 - videos
Everything energetically aware people need to know
Receive support, acknowledgment and encouragement as you continue on your path
Energetic awareness explained in a "logical" way so your mind understand and helps on your awareness journey
Huge energetic change be just being in these classes or by watching the replays.  Connecting with us and connecting to the energetic change field releases old upsets, hurt, and trauma without even specifically addressing it!

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Your Questions Answered

I'm New to energetic awareness and my capacities, Is this Course for Me?

Yes, this course is designed for both for people new to the energetic and empowerment journey or have been on the path for a while, but new to my work.

At the core of this work is a very simple framework, really just a way of looking at reality and energy that's easy and empowering.

You see, this reality and our society makes energetic awareness and energetic tools seem complicated and makes it hard to succeed.

But by learning some simple perspective shifts (and energetic tools) You will remove societies limitations and life will finally be easier.

I've been doing energetic work for a while, should I take this course? 

Yes, and great you've already been doing energetic work!

You've most likely been having good success, but maybe there are some areas you would like to shift haven't yet changed.

In this course, you will see why they haven't yet shifted. And you will build upon any previous work or study you have done.

With this new information you'll be able to apply and quickly change what previously hadn't before.

Learn the surprising perspective to use, see the hidden that most modalities miss, and new energetic tools to shift what previously couldn't be changed.

Do you do private sessions?

Yes, private sessions a quick way to create huge change.  

I've found that most energetically aware people have similar experiences.  But this reality is designed to make it seem like you are the only person feeling the way you do. 

While your experiences are unique, often the feelings from those experiences are similar to other people I've worked with.

This course and each webinar is designed to be complete so you won't require sessions.  But private sessions are great for creating huge change in any areas you would like.

You can schedule your private session here.

Need to pay with PayPal or would like a different payment option?

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email me here

If you have any additional questions, just email me.  I'm happy to answer them.

About Your Energetic Awareness Coach

Max Riggs

Max is an Energetic Empowerment and Awareness Coach specializing in the feelings, sensations and awarenesses sensitive people (or more accurately energetically aware people) have.

These feelings and perceptions are actually you accessing your super powers, but without training, any superpower can feel like a disempowering limitation.  

Learn more about your hidden authentic strengths and how to use them in our time together.

Are you ready to remove external energetic resistance and step into more of the life you would like?

Have questions on if this program is right for you?  Just send me an email or message me on Facebook or Instagram.  I'm happy to chat with you. 

We promise to keep your information private and secure.  You can find out how we use and protect your information by clicking our privacy policy.

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