What is really going on when you seem to feel body "symptoms"

Be Incredibly Healthy Now!  to Stay Healthy, Become Healthy, or Heal Quickly

Just playing this audio in the background can speed your healing

Be Healthy Now Audio

Stay Healthy!

Remove that tickle of "worry" most of us have after we are near sick people.  It's a common thought and playing this audio removes those negative thoughts so you can stay healthy!

Recover Quickly

Would you like nurturing and support to heal quickly?  Play this audio in the background even as you watch Netflix or read.  Energetic support to help you heal quickly.

3+ Hours of Support

Packed with healing and information.  You will learn much about your natural healing capacities and energetic awareness just by listening.

Learn about You Easily

This audio was created from a 6 part energetic class I taught.  You receive all this healing and information in an easy to listen to MP3.

About Your Awareness Coach

Max Riggs

Max is an empowerment coach specializing in the feelings, sensations and awarenesses sensitive people have (or more accurately energetically aware people) 

These feelings are actually you accessing your super powers, but without training, any superpower can feel like a limitation.  

Learn more about your authentic powers and how to use them through Max's work.

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Be Incredibly Healthy Now!

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A Powerful Healing Audio for


Tap into your body's natural healing capacities, to stay healthy or speed your recovery.

3 hours of energetic release, change and healing
Use your energetic capacities for you
Release body sensations that aren't yours, but what you body perceives from other people
Energetic change spoken in a way so your brain understands.  When your brain understands the intension of the energetic change, it then supports and speeds the healing.

BONUS: Compressed Version

For extra support or for fast action, use this Compressed version.

Has the Full version playing at 4 times normal speed in the background
The most powerful clearing are still spoken clearly.
Immune booster!  For extra support when you've just been around ill people
Super Powerful - Please listen to the Full version at least 3 times before playing this one.

Your Questions Answered

Do I need to do anything special when I listen to this audio?

You can just listen to it, though because it is a powerful audio I recommend that the first time you listen, you do so while sitting comfortably without distractions.  

You will want to hear the words that go along with the energetic support and change.  

Some of what I share might at first seem to be a bit surprising.  You will understand it, but since it is new, your conscious mind needs to think about it and process it before giving the ok.

I need extra support now, can I listen to the compressed version?

Even in this case, I recommend listening to the Full version first.  The Full version is very powerful and will actually work better than the compressed version in the beginning.  

Why?  Because without understand what is going on in the background, your mind naturally (and rationally) will resist the energetic change.  

But once you listen to the Full version a few times, you mind understands what is going on and then allows the audio's energetic support and change.

Might this audio too powerful for me?

This is a powerful audio that I created to support me and my clients.  This is why I recommend listening to it seated without distractions the first time.

But it is also designed for everyone.  Built into this audio is an energetic  conversation between you and me.  You give your "approval" first before any change can happen.  Otherwise we just skip over that part.

For each energetic release in the audio, I first ask, do you want this change?  If you don't want it, that's ok, we just skip over that part for now.  

If next time you listen you do want that change (I think you will), then we will change it.

Do you do private sessions?

Yes, you can find more information about sessions or classes on my website, or just message me.

I've found that energetically aware people often have similar experiences.  But this reality is designed to make it seem like you are the only person feeling the way you do. 

While your experiences are unique, often the feelings from those experiences are similar to other people I've worked with.

I've created energetic audios  to provide support to you and other energetically aware people either with or without private sessions.

If you would like more personal support, just email me.

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Disclaimer:  Your mind is powerful and your thoughts impact how you and your body feels and heals. That is just one part of what this audio taps into,  but I do not make any medical or health claims about this audio. It is for your enjoyment and happiness only. 

Energetic healing audios are designed to supplement, not replace medical treatment. They work with traditional and alternative medical care. If you have a medical condition see your doctor and then use this audio. Listen to and follow your health provider’s advice on any health condition and on when, how, and what precautions to use when taking any medicines.   

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