Entities and Energetic Forces
What You Need to Know

Exposing their Secrets and Removing Them

You have already been interacting with entities and energetic force all your life 
- even if you think you haven't -

Isn't it time for you to understand what is really going on?

In this course you will learn what they are, see where they have been influencing you, and tools to use to remove their influence and kick them OUT!

What are Entities?

Some are ghosts, disembodied spirits, angels, aliens, reptilians and even groups, organizations and collectives. 

There are many types and you don't have to know what they are to communicate with them or remove them.

Know where to look for them.

Are Entities Good?

Some are and if you have those in your life great!

But even for the "good" ones there are some additional questions to ask.

Because even some "light" beings aren't as helpful as they tell you they are.

Are Entities Bad?

Not per-say, but many want something different in the world than you do.  

To promote their agenda, they create external resistance that until you remove it, makes things much harder for you. 

Remove this resistance and kick them out!

What's Normal?

It is normal for energetically aware people sense them, but you can sense them in different ways.  

You might see or hear them or just have sensations being  around them.

Learn what your special senses are showing you.

Energetic Change Field

When we come together in our group a potent energetic change field is created. When I recorded these videos, I intended to include all future course participants. This is embedded throughout the replays and creates huge positive change for you by just playing the video and (seemingly) not having to do anything.

Your Questions Answered

What have you always wanted to know, but didn't know who you could ask? 

So much is covered in these videos, but if you do have any questions just email me and I'll reply quickly with your answers.  

What questions do you have?

Your Community

Join a community of people who are like you.

Being Energetically Aware can be and feel isolating, as though you are the only one that feels this way.
In this group we grow our connection together to empower ourselves and others.

What is in the Course?

Built into this Program

Though it can feel like you aren't, you are always stronger than any energetic forces in your life! This course will guide you to access and see more of your authentic strength.
This Changes Now v5 MP3 - A $67 value - The most powerful energetic audio anywhere!  Play it at anytime to remove any energetic influence, entities, or even when you don't feel 100% to get back to feeling good again.
Tools and Handouts to use so you can remove external influences on your own
How to repel and move through any energetic attack!
The simple steps to take when energetic resistance seems to slow or stop you
Lifetime access to the videos, audios, and summary notes to watch or review anytime you choose.

Remove Society's False Limitations Placed on You

Much of what you were told about life and this world can really disempower you
Society has been designed to make it seem like your capacities are weaknesses
Remove the limitations from half truths and outright lies that society told and continues to tells you 
See, appreciate, and use your energetic powers for what they are.  GIFTS!

Your Safe, Supportive, Space

You will be fully supported!
Email me any of your questions.  I probably had similar questions when I first started this work, or I've had clients with them.  Whatever you question my be, I'll answer them in a caring and supportive way.
The energetic field we create naturally and automatically creates positive change
Negative beliefs and past hurts can just melt away with your intention and/or participation during class or through any of the video or audio replays.

LearnThe next closest course on entities and energetic forces costs over $1300 and does not cover 1/2 of what you will learn in this course.  Other courses neglect to even mention the most important tool required to remove external forces!

Without knowing this and the other tools you will learn in this course, you can't remove all of these external influences. 

Over a $997 Value 

7+ Recorded classes
Class transcripts with summaries
This Changes Now v5 MP3 - Removes entities and energetic forces, plus have energetic support whenever you need it
4- Weeks of email support as you go through the course
Just thinking about signing up for this course can bring up huge energetic resistance
Most likely this resistance isn't even yours, it is from the very energetic forces that we will remove in the course. 

Listen to Tracy's Review after Taking the Course

Tracy says, "I Recommend it 100%!"

Removing Entities and Energetic Forces 

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Remove Entities and energetic forces

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Join the Course for 


Reclaim your strength and capacities by understanding and removing non-contributive entities and energies 

6 Recorded Webinars
Everything energetically aware people need to know about entities and energetic forces
Receive support, acknowledgment and encouragement as you continue on your path
Energetic awareness explained in a "logical" way so your mind understands and helps on your awareness journey
Huge energetic change by just being in this group.  Connecting with us and connecting to the energetic change field releases old upsets, hurt, and trauma without even specifically addressing it!

Your Questions Answered

I'm a little nervous about this course

Oh, I get it and I have a helpful question for you.

If you didn't already decide the nervousness you feel is 100% you feeling nervous, is the nervousness 100% your feelings?   No, it isn't 100% is it?  Most likely only under 25% of it is actually your authentic feelings.

I've found two common things.

1-The energies and energetic forces we will remove in the course are nervous that they will be removed.  And they should be!  Because we will remove any non-helpful  entities and energetic forces that have been using you and your resources for free.

2-Both nervous and excitement are similar feelings.  What if some of that nervousness you feel is you getting excited at the change you'll receive in this course because you can finally remove what's been blocking you and step into a better life?

 If you still are nervous about the course, email me.

I'm new, what do I need to know before joining this course?

You don't need to know anything more than you are ready to learn more about your energetic awareness.

Even if you are new, since you found me, you most likely are ready for deep and rapid change.  I've found that most people rapidly get up to speed. 

I've created two videos to give you the basics of the work I do, and what you might need to know, so you will be ready for our first class. 

I've also found that explaining topics starting from a overview level and then going into more advanced levels, allows beginners to easily understand and gives more experienced energetically aware people deeper awareness and understanding.  

So I use this full explanation approach in this class too.

Do you do private sessions?

Yes, private sessions a quick way to create huge change.  You can add a private session to your course purchase for under 1/2 the normal price. 

I've found that most energetically aware people have similar experiences.  But this reality is designed to make it seem like you are the only person feeling the way you do. 

While your experiences are unique, often the feelings from those experiences are similar to other people I've worked with.

This course and each webinar is designed to be complete so you won't require sessions.  But private sessions are great for creating huge change in any areas you would like.

Need to pay with PayPal or would like a different payment option?

Let me know what you require.   I can send payment links using several different sources.

email me here

If you have any additional questions, just email me.  I'm happy to answer them.

About Your Energetic Awareness Coach

Max Riggs

Max is an Energetic Empowerment and Awareness Coach specializing in the feelings, sensations and awarenesses sensitive people (or more accurately energetically aware people) have.

These feelings and perceptions are actually you accessing your super powers, but without training, any superpower can feel like a disempowering limitation.  

Learn more about your hidden authentic strengths and how to use them in our time together.

Are you ready to remove external energetic resistance and step into more of the life you would like?

Have questions on if this program is right for you?  Just send me an email or message me on Facebook or Instagram.  I'm happy to chat with you. 

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