• How to clear any energetic attack
  • How to use even an energetic attack to your advantage (It’s a sneaky and fun trick)
  • How to remove this resistance even while you watch “Netflix” or while you sleep.
Find the full details about the course here. While this course focuses on the “non-contributive” entities, we will also talk about the contributive ones.  Maybe they are your past relatives looking over you, or your guardian angel.  Some of these can be very helpful, but some seemingly helpful ones might no longer be.  Learn the questions to ask, to find out. 5+ Classes Includes This Changes Now! v5.0 The most powerful energetic clearing and releasing audio in the world. Works while you listen to it, removing remove energetic forces and excess emotional energies.  Makes moving through any challenge easier. The information and energetic releasing is embedded in the videos and recording, so you receive energetic releasing just as if you were attending live.  Each class/video creates so much change that I recommend that everyone watch/listen to them at least 2 times. If you have any questions about this course or if it is right for you, please email me. Listen to Tracy’s review of this course.