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Welcome to Your Energetic Powers Membership Group! In this first modual you have access to all the energetic tools and bonuses. To get the most of your membership, start with lesson 1 and go through them in order. Make sure to download the audio "This Changes Now!" and save it to both your computer and phone. You will want to have it ready for when you need it. This mp3 comes in handy more often than you might think.

Introduction and Tools

Introduction and Tools

In this Module you have access to all the energetic tools and This Changes Now

Course Objectives

Learn and access your energetic powers
Understand the energetic and physical world
Apply energetic tools to make your daily activities easier

Your Course Instructor

Max Riggs

In our time together we will explore our energetic reality and learn what is really going on.  I'll be your guide as we explore, release, and energetically clear what's in your way of creating a better life. 

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