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What would it be like to easily access your full capacities?

To change and situation into one that works for you?

See your Strengths

Tap into you authentic strength and power and then use it! Learn how your strength and capacities have been hidden from you.  See and then remove this deception that kept you thinking you were small and couldn't create the life you wanted.

Access Your Healing Magic

See and access your own unique magic! You know things that no one else does.  You have magic that no one else does.  Find it, see it, and use it to create for you.

Your Community

Join a community of energetic people like you.  Being energetically aware can make you feel you are alone.  But, you are not.  We are like you and together we will help and support each other.

Ask Any Question

What have you always wanted to know, but couldn't ask?  Maybe you've had experiences, that you wanted to ask about, but though people would think you were crazy if you told them.  I know because I and many others have had experiences like that too.  You can ask me anything - without any judgment. 

Untangle Any Limiting Beliefs

The main reason issues don't change is because they are intertwined in multiple areas.  Learn how to see these tangles and remove them.  So you really can change anything.  Including beliefs and hurts that have been with you for so long, that it seems they can never leave.  Remove even these stubborn ones!

See the World in a New WAy

Step outside the disempowering paradigm of this reality.  Start living from your heart and knowing - free of external programming.  You can have the life you would like!

Six+ Modules

Packed full of information, clearings, receivings, healing and energetic change.

See the World and Reality for What it Actually is

It's not just a Positive nor just a Negative World

You will see this life and this reality from a perspective where you already have the power to change anything and know the next step to move through anything.

Over these six modules we will move fast and clear big.  Whether you are just starting out, or have been traveling this path for a long time, this information will greatly speed and also ease your journey.

You will access spaces and places where changing anything or even everything is possible and step fully into the strong, capable and confident person you already are.

You see your life from a new way.  One where everything you do or have done is empowering.  Yes, even the quote "mistakes", challenges and experiences that seem like that couldn't possibly be empowering.  You will re-write your life's story in a way that will always empower you!

Is it Time for You to Soar?

This Program is for You if:

Only $297 for this Powerful Program

The Two Most Power Energetic Releasing and Clearing Audios

Two powerful energetic clearing audios that are like a personal one-on-one energetic change session.

Receive my latest and most powerful clearing audios included - that normally have to be purchase separately for $115.00

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Join before midnight Sunday and receive an additional gift.
Removing Financial Blocks the Keep Your Money Flows Small.

Energetically aware people often have issues with their finances.  This recorded webinar removes energetic forces and energetic blocks that keep you from your abundant money flows. 
(Sold separately for $125)

Have any question on if this course is right for you? Just Click here to email, I'm happy to help

Do You Desire Personalized Support?

Work one-on-one with Max in your personal Dynamic Change Sessions

Add One or Two Dynamic Change Sessions

Add Two Personal 60-minute
Dynamic Change Sessions with Max

CORE Online Support Plus Your Personal Session

We will cover a lot in this course, more than most multi-week energetic programs. We will get to the heart of many of the issues that you as an energetically aware person have. You will have time in each call to ask questions, and/or email me. So you will get great value from this course.

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining the group calls with a phone or video session with me, gives you the best of both worlds. We can go deeper in places that are unique to you and your life experiences. In your personal sessions, we can go into anything that you would like to address and change whether related to the CORE program or any another area.

Use Your Session When You Want To

Add your two 60 minute dynamic change session with Max for only $200 more: less than half the $450 normal price! 

Which CORE  Course Package Would You Like?

That's the rating I've received from all my previous class participants and the level of service I will provide for you.

Here are just a few reviews from participants in my courses.   

Have any question on if this course is right for you? Just Click here to email, I'm happy to help


This course is a must have for energetically aware people who are still carrying a lot of should’s and shouldn’ts and dos and donts. Max has a powerful clearing style and he is excellent at helping re-frame questions to the place where you have the most possible freedom of choice! I loved it!


This class is not just for those working as healers. It’s also for people like me, who have healing capacities but desire to pursue other work. 

Max is a wonderful facilitator. He has a way of gently reframing things to help you be more empowered with any challenges that come up.

Christine A

Max helped me have a clearer understanding of my  capacities and how to maneuver them in the world for my advantage. It’s made an amazing beneficial difference in my life. Thank you, Max


 I truly have no words to fully express my gratitude and amazement with these calls.... In many ways, I have cleared, shifted and healed in ways I didn't even know I needed to or would benefit me. I am open to receiving the healing for the next layer...whatever that may be. 

I am experiencing so much ease, peace and an increased sense of awareness thanks to all your expertise!


Max is a pro! I have been utilizing the replays and today, I realized and acknowledged the amazing changes in my life since the start of this course. When I went to the dentist yesterday,  everyone noticed how calm I was, I even noticed! 

When I started the course, I was waking up a couple times a night, and getting back to sleep easily after using Max's tools.  I am thrilled to have taken this course with Max, it has changed my life!  

M. V.

I was in Berkeley not feeling, being, or having much fun. I put on my first clearing audio I had from Max. [This Changes Now! MP3]

I listened to it while walking to visit my daughter's school. By the time I got there, the energy had shifted. Thanks Max!  

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