CORE - Energetic Awareness and Skills Program

Become the Person You Came Here to Be

CORE - Energetic Awareness and Skills Program

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What would it be like to be able to access your strength and power at any time?

To change any situation into one that worked for you?

Six Powerful Modules  - Plus Three QA Calls

Packed full of clearings, receivings and energetic change.

See What's Been Hidden From You

The Real Reasons Life Has Been So Challenging

And Change That Now!

You Will Discover:

  • The powerful tools I use in my empowerment and energetic change practice
  • Identifying and removing the hidden energetic forces that are slowing your progress
  • Using your energetic awareness for you, not against you.
  • Changing any limiting thoughts or beliefs
  • Creating a life you love

In our time together we will move fast and clear big.  Whether you are just starting out, or have been traveling this path a long time, this course will speed your journey.

You will access spaces where changing everything is possible and step into the powerful, potent being you already are.

Separate your thoughts and feelings from other people's or other energies, thoughts and feelings.

Change any of your energetic senses that are stuck on high, or stuck on low.  Finally  control their levels.

This Program is for You if:

You Are:

  • Ready to see beyond the limiting paradigms of what you have been told
  • Ready to change anything that isn't working for you
  • Beginner or Advanced - you are open to looking at new powerful information
  • Asking questions and don't just accept what you've been told
  • Ready to step into your next level of strength and potency

Not For You:

  • You are fully satisfied with you life and don't need any new skills
  • Your current modality is working 100% for you
  • You want to be told how to think or how to feel
  • You don't like learning new things
  • You aren't ready to step into more of your strength and power

Only $347 $297 for this Powerful Program

**** Bonuses ****

Two Powerful Energetic Releasing Audios

Power Up and Energetic Refresh

  • Start your day in a powerful way
  • Remove mind fog, and energies picked up overnight
  • Claim and access more of your authentic strength
  • Use anytime you need to access more of your strength

This Changes Now!

  • Designed for your toughest days
  • When you need emotional or energetic support
  • Removes or reduces excess emotions in and around you
  • Feeling uncomfortable in a group or around your family? - Play it

These Energetic Audios Remove and Clear What Previously Could Only Be Changed in Personal Sessions.


15 minute Intro Call with Max

  • Choose a light easy chat or drive right into -
  • What Are You Most Looking to Create? To Change
  • Your Personalize First Steps To Create this Faster
  • Customize Your CORE - Experience

Removing Financial Blocks that Keep You from

Abundant Money Flow

  • My Five Star rated Program for removing energies and blocks messing with your finances
  • De-tangle from the limiting contracts of the financial system
  • Increase your money inflows while reducing "surprise" expenses that seem to drain your money when you start to get ahead
  • $125 Value - Yours FREE

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Do You Desire More Personalized Support?

Work one-on-one with Max in your personal Dynamic Change Sessions

Add Two Personal 60 min Sessions with Max

  • 1

    Core Online Support Plus Your Personal Sessions With Max

    The questions you ask in the CORE modules are answered quickly and you also receive my personal attention in the QA calls. You will be supported and guided in and through the CORE program.

  • 2

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Combining the group calls with two phone or video sessions with me, gives you the best of both worlds. Go deeper in places that are unique to you and your life experiences. In your personal sessions, we can go into anything that you would like to address and change.

  • 3

    Use Your Two Sessions When You Want To

    Add these two 60 minute dynamic change sessions with Max for only $200 more: less than half the $450 value!

Do you desire the Ultimate in Dynamic Rapid Change?

Do you get tingles thinking about the change that even just one personalized session would create? What could you change or create in weekly sessions? For a few select people, you are invited to join my VIP membership program.  It provides a deep level of support, nurturing and acknowledgement of you for you.  To be seen and acknowledged at a deep level, having your being really seen and recognized, can change things instantly.  To provide this level of support, I limit this to only 4 people at any one time. How much more of you would you just naturally become with this level of support?

  • Weekly 60 minute sessions create a depth in clearing and positive change that isn’t possible with single sessions spaced far apart.
  • Energetic Support when you need it (even outside your sessions)
  • Access to all my courses, audios and energetic materials
  • Provides a depth of caring and support not found anywhere else

Which CORE Package Would You Like?

CORE + Bonuses
$297one time
  • Everything Included In CORE
  • Plus All Bonuses
  • Power Process and Energetic Refresh Energetic Releasing Audio
  • This Changes Now! Strong Energetic Releasing Audio
  • Lifetime Access
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$997per month
  • FULL CORE Program
  • Ongoing Personalized Support Including
  • Weekly 60 minute customized sessions
  • Access to Instant Healing and Support
  • Includes Access to my Full Library
  • All Previous and Current Courses
  • Help calls - When You Need them
  • All Energetic Releasing and Clearing Audios
  • and Much More
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